The RG3MxxB12A1 is a family of I2C/I3C Multiple Port Hub devices featuring two I2C/I3C Master Side Ports and up to eight I2C/IC Slave Side Ports. An RG3MxxB12A1 device provides connectivity to up to two masters, and up to eight slaves. By cascading and duplicating the RG3MxxB12A1, the user builds a RG3MxxB12A1 Hub Network to provide connectivity to a number of devices, with extended reach distance, and running with different level of I2C, I3C, and SMBus protocols.

In an RG3MxxB12A1 device, each of Master Side Port is associated with an on-chip I2C/I3C slave interface. Each I2C/I3C interface accesses on-chip registers. Master-Master communication is achieved with shared registers and intra-port IBI channels.

RG3M47B12 is a 2:4 Intelligent Switch with downstream ports default enabled.


  • Two Master Side (upstream/controller) ports
  • Four Slave Side (downstream/target) ports
  • On-Chip I2C/I3C Slave (target) Interface
  • Master Side port multiplexer
  • Master switching via in-band I2C/I3C commands or pin selection
  • Master-Master communication and messaging support
  • Hot Join support
  • Support both I2C and I3C Basic 1.0 protocol
  • All ports support 1.0 to 1.8V I2C/I3C compatible operation
  • Downstream ports default enabled
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Packaged in a 4 × 4 mm 28-pin VFQFPN




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