The P8910 is a highly integrated, highly efficient PMIC with programmable output voltage power for all DDR5 server DIMM modules. It includes four step-down switching output regulators and three LDO output regulators. The PMIC is fully compliant to the JEDEC DDR5 PMIC (PMIC5010: Low Current PMIC) specification. The PMIC is powered from two input power supplies (VIN_Mgmt and VIN_Bulk) from the system board to power its switching and LDO output regulators.

The P8910 has numerous advanced protection schemes to protect itself as well as to protect entire BOM contents of the DDR5 server DIMM modules. The PMIC offers write protect operation to defend against malicious attacks, and has an advanced I3C bus that can operate at maximum speeds of 12.5MHz with low voltage I/O operation.


  • VIN_Bulk input supply range: 4.25V to 15.0V
  • VIN_Mgmt input supply range: 3.0V to 3.6V 
  • Four step-down switching regulators: SWA, SWB, SWC, and SWD
  • Programmable dual-phase and single-phase regulator for SWA and SWB
  • Three LDO regulators: VBias, VOUT_1.8V, VOUT_1.0V
  • Automatic switchover from VIN_Mgmt input supply to VIN_Bulk inputs supply
  • Error injection capability
  • Error log registers
  • Write protect modes of operation
  • Independently programmable output voltages, power up and power down sequences for switch regulators
  • Input and output power-good status reporting mechanism 
  • VIN_Bulk input supply protection features: Input overvoltage and input undervoltage
  • Output switch regulators protection feature: Output overvoltage, output undervoltage, output current limiter
  • Output current measurement, output current threshold mechanism
  • Temperature measurement, temperature warning threshold, critical temperature shutdown
  • Multi Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory
  • Programmable and DIMM specific registers for customization 
  • General Status Interrupt Function 
  • Flexible Open-Drain IO (3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, or 1.2V or 1.1V or 1.0V) or Push-Pull IO (1.2V or 1.1V or 1.0V) Support
  • Small 5 × 5 mm form factor in VFQFPN package with enhanced solder joint reliability and thermal dissipation




  • DDR5 RDIMM for Server/Workstations
  • DDR5 LRDIMM for Server/Workstations
  • DDR5 NVDIMM for Server/Workstations


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