IDT’s JEDEC-compliant 4DB0226KA is a Gen 1.5 DDR4 data butter for Enterprise Class Server LRDIMMs operating with a 1.2V Vdd supply. Nine data buffers are used per LRDIMM to buffer 72 bits of DDR4 DRAM data. 


  • JEDEC compliant data buffer
  • DDR4-1600/1866/2133/2400
  • Optimized for JEDEC DDR4 2400 MT/s LRDIMM
  • Designed to be used with IDT 4RCD0124K (DDR4 RCD) and IDT TSE2004GB2 (DDR4 Temperature Sensor)
  • Available in 53-pin flip chip CSP package




Design & Development


How DDR4 LRDIMMs Transcend RDIMMs in Today's Enterprise Servers

A white paper authored by IDT and Micron details research into memory and bandwidth for today's high-performance servers. LRDIMMS and RDIMMS traditionally have been seen as complimentary, with the former targeting applications requiring deeper memory and the latter for applications requiring higher bandwidth. The introduction of 8-gigabit DRAMS has resulted in a growing number of Internet applications benefiting from both deeper memories and higher bandwidth. This paper shows how 32 GB 2RX4 LRDIMMs transcend similar RDIMMs to meet the needs of today’s data center enterprise servers, by providing an optimal combination of deeper memory and higher data bandwidth, even at mainstream module densities.

To download the white paper, and for more information about IDT's DDR4 memory solutions, visit http://www.idt.com/go/DDR4.