The TSI109 is a host bridge for PowerPC processors that supports PCI-X, DDR2-400 SDRAM, Gigabit Ethernet, and Flash. The device contains numerous integrated features that enable customers to reduce system design complexity and system costs. The TSI109 delivers industry-leading performance for customers in the wireless infrastructure, storage networking, network access, printer, military, and industrial automation markets.


  • Processor interface supports MPC74xx and PPC750 processors
  • Dual Processor support
  • PCI/X Interface supports PCI 2.3 and PCI-X 1.0 modes
  • Memory Controller supports DDR2-400 devices
  • Integrated bus arbiters for processor and PCI/X devices
  • Four independent DMA/XOR channels
  • Clock generator with spread-spectrum capability
  • Two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • HLP Interface for Flash and other simple I/O devices
  • Two UARTs
  • 16-bit parallel GPIO port
  • I2C/EEPROM Interface
  • JTAG support (Boundary scan)
  • Available in 1023-pin BGA package, which is pin compatible with TSI108


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