The µPD720210 is a 4-Port USB 3.0 hub controller, which complies with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification and is 100% compatible with Renesas’ industry-standard host controllers. The controller provides four downstream USB ports. Each of these ports supports is fully backward compatible with all previous versions of USB, LS (Low-Speed) / FS (Full-Speed) / HS (High-Speed) / SS (SuperSpeed) operation.

μPD720210 comes in a 76-pin QFN package. A few of the benefits that this device provides to system designers are:

  • The best compatibility with Renesas industry-leading USB 3.0 host controller
  • Low power consumption. In low-power standby mode, the device only consumes 10mW
  • Overall system bill of material cost reduction through the integration of commonly required external components such as voltage regulators


  • Interface standard: USB 3.0
  • USB ports: 1 upstream port, 4 downstream ports
  • VDD: 3.3V, 1.05V
  • Clock: 24MHz Xtal clock input
  • Package: 76-pin QFN (9mm x 9mm)
  • Ta: 0 °C to 70 °C



  • Standalone hub, monitor hub, PC docking station
  • Hub integrated in PC
  • Digital TV, Blu-ray recorder, Set-top box
  • USB storage device, network attached storage (NAS)


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