The ISL34341 is a serializer/deserializer of LVCMOS parallel video data. The video data presented to the serializer on the parallel LVCMOS bus is serialized into a high-speed differential signal. This differential signal is converted back to parallel video at the remote end by the deserializer. It also transports auxiliary data bidirectionally over the same link during the video vertical retrace interval. I2C bus mastering allows the placement of external slave devices on the remote side of the link. An I2C controller can be placed on either side of the link allowing bidirectional I2C communication through the link to the external devices on the other side. Both chips can be fully configured from a single controller or independently by local controllers.


  • 24-bit RGB transport over single differential pair
  • 6MHz to 40MHz pixel clock rates
  • Bidirectional auxiliary data transport without extra bandwidth and over the same differential pair
  • I2C Bus mastering to the remote side of the link with a controller on either the serializer or deserializer
  • 40MHz PCLK transports
  • SVGA 800x600 @ 70fps, 16% blanking
  • WSVGA 1024x600 @ 60fps, 8% blanking
  • Internal 100Ω termination on high-speed serial lines
  • DC balanced with industry-standard 8b/10b line code allows AC-coupling
  • Provides immunity against ground shifts
  • Hot plugging with automatic resynchronization every line
  • 16 programmable settings each for transmitter amplitude boost and pre-emphasis and receiver equalization allow for longer cable lengths and higher data rates
  • Programmable power-down of the transmitter and the receiver
  • Same device for serializer and deserializer simplifies inventory
  • I2C communication interface
  • 8kV ESD rating for serial lines
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)




  • Navigation and display systems
  • Video entertainment systems
  • Industrial computing terminals
  • Remote cameras


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