The IDT1893C is a low-power, physical-layer device (PHY) that supports the ISO/IEC 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Carrier-Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Ethernet standards, ISO/IEC 8802-3. The IDT1893C is intended for MII, Node applications that require the Auto-MDIX feature that automatically corrects crossover errors in plant wiring. The IDT1893C incorporates Digital-Signal Processing (DSP) control in its Physical-Medium Dependent (PMD) sub layer. As a result, it can transmit and receive data on unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) category 5 cables with attenuation in excess of 24 dB at 100 MHz. With this IDT-patented technology, the IDT1893CF can virtually eliminate errors from killer packets. The IDT1893C provides a Serial-Management Interface for exchanging command and status information with a Station-Management (STA) entity. The IDT1893C Media-Dependent Interface (MDI) can be configured to provide either half- or full duplex operation at data rates of 10 Mb/s or 100Mb/s. The IDT1893C shares the same proven performance circuitry with the IDT1893BF and is a pin-for-pin replacement of the 1893BF. Applications: NIC cards, PC motherboards, switches, routers, DSL and cable modems, game machines, printers, network connected appliances, and industrial equipment.


  • Supports category 5 cables with attenuation in excess of 24dB at 100 MHz.
  • Single-chip, fully integrated PHY provides PCS, PMA, PMD, and AUTONEG sub layers functions of IEEE standard.
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX IEEE 8802.3 compliant
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Highly configurable, supports:
  • - Media Independent Interface (MII)
    - Auto-Negotiation with Parallel detection
    - Node applications, managed or unmanaged
    - 10M or 100M full and half-duplex modes
    - Loopback mode for Diagnostic Functions
    - Auto-MDI/MDIX crossover correction
    Low-power CMOS (typically 400 mW)
  • Power-Down mode typically 21mW
  • Clock and crystal supported
  • Fully integrated, DSP-based PMD includes:
  • - Adaptive equalization and baseline-wander correction
    - Transmit wave shaping and stream cipher scrambler
    - MLT-3 encoder and NRZ/NRZI encoder
    Small footprint 48-pin 300 mil. SSOP package
  • Also available in small footprint 56-pin 8x8 MLF2 package
  • Available in Industrial Temp and Lead Free




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