The PS2845-4A is an optically coupled isolator containing GaAs light emitting diodes and NPN silicon phototransistors. This product includes four channels in a single package for high-density mounting applications. The PS2845-4A is the world's smallest class of photocouplers and realizes about 50% reduction in mounting area compared with the PS280x and PS281x Series.


  • Ultra small and thin package (12-pin ultra shrink SOP, Pin pitch 0.8 mm, 4.4 (L) × 5.6 (W) × 2.5 (H))
  • Common lead anode, cathode, collector common
  • High current transfer ratio (CTR = 200% TYP. @ IF = ±1mA)
  • High isolation voltage (BV = 1 500 Vr.m.s.)
  • Pb-Free product
  • Ordering number of tape product: PS2845-4A-F3: 2 500 pcs/reel
  • Safety standards UL approved: UL1577, Single protecion




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