IO-Link is a standardized, serial, bidirectional point-to-point connection for signal transmission and power supply under any networks, fieldbuses or backplane buses. The CCE4510 is a highly integrated IO-Link Master Transceiver, providing two IO-Link compliant channels with 1A peak driving current. The built-in IO-Link hardware frame handler significantly improves application performance by automating most of the lower layer communication tasks. By reducing the microcontroller load, CCE4510 frees up valuable processing bandwidth enabling developers to add greater value by running additional processor-intensive tasks without the need for higher performance microcontrollers. Alternatively, developers can reduce system costs by using less capable microcontrollers without reducing overall performance.

CCE4510 supports a wide supply voltage range from 8V to 32V with integrated overvoltage detection as well as high current and temperature protection. It is available with a QFN-48 7mm x 7mm package.

CCE4510 provides the perfect solution for 2, 4, 8, and 16-port IO-Link master applications connecting IO-Link compliant industrial sensors and actuators.

For a complete end-to-end system solution, Renesas also provides the CCE4503 Single Channel IO-Link Device Transceiver and the RH4Z2501 Single Channel IO-Link Device & Master Transceiver.


  • Two IO-Link compliant channels with 1A peak driving current
  • Hardware frame handler (support for all IO-Link v1.1 frame types)
  • Fully IO-Link v1.1 compliant
  • Wide voltage range 8V to 32V
  • Transceiver mode
  • Integrated UART (COM1-3)
  • Completely automated wake-up procedure for master
  • Two status LED drivers
  • Synchronization features for IO-Link channels and LEDs over multiple chips
  • Includes NMOS gate drivers to switch power supply of devices
  • Supports feed through of clock
  • Temperature and supply voltage monitoring and protection
  • Overload protection for channels and connected devices
  • Package: QFN-48 (7.0mm x 7.0mm)




  • Industrial Profibus/IO-Link network
  • Industrial automation
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • Hubs
  • High voltage level shifter


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