The R8A66593 is a USB peripheral controller embedded with Hi-Speed/Full-Speed transceiver, it is compatible with USB 2.0 and applicable to both Hi-Speed and Full-Speed transfer modes. The R8A66593 is the latest peripheral controller characterized by the obsession with efficient data transfer and ease of use. The R8A66593 has compatibility with all USB 2.0 transfer types, large FIFO (8.5KByte), maximum 10 endpoints and enhanced transaction counter function (setting for each endpoint) and USB transfer can be realized effectively. The R8A66593 can be operated with a single supply 3.3V for a 1.5V regulator incorporates. The R8A66593 is developed using original Hi-Speed USB-IP, they will provide smooth transitions for future moves to system LSI.


  • Digital camera, printer, external storage device
  • Others, all PC peripheral using Hi-Speed USB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star R8A66593 Datasheet 日本語 Datasheet PDF 1.75 MB
R8A66593 / R8A66597 Guidelines for Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Board Design 日本語 Application Note PDF 315 KB
M66592FP Utility Board M3A-0038G01 Instruction Manual 日本語 Application Note PDF 336 KB