This is the evaluation kit for the RC32308A FemtoClock™ 3 jitter attenuator and clock generator. The RC32308A provides one independent timing channel that can be configured as digital PLLs (DPLLs) or as digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs) and with up to four independent frequency domains that are each either locked to the external reference input or locked to a free-run crystal or oscillator. The DPLL channels meet synchronous Ethernet clock requirements and they can be used for jitter attenuation and frequency translation. The DCOs can be programmed to synthesize the desired frequency and can be steered by external software with a resolution of  1.11e-13. The DPLLs can lock to virtually any frequency from 4kHz to 1GHz and the DPLLs and DCOs can generate virtually any frequency from 4kHz to 1GHz with typical jitter below 65fs RMS from 12kHz to 20MHz in jitter attenuator mode and below 55fs RMS from 12kHz to 20MHz in clock generator mode.


  • Three differential clock inputs
  • Eight differential clock outputs
  • Onboard EEPROM stores startup-configuration data
  • XIN terminal can use a laboratory signal generator or OCXO/TCXO/XO components and board
  • Laboratory power supply connectors
  • USB-C power supply
  • Serial port for configuration and register readout



  • For 800Gbps SerDes Ethernet application
  • Jitter attenuation for 10/25/40/100/200/400/800 Gbps Ethernet PHYs or switches 
  • Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) equipment
  • Datacenter Top of Rack (ToR) and leaf switch
  • Ethernet switches and routers
  • Medical image system
  • Test and measurement


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Manual - Hardware PDF 1.39 MB
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Ultra-Low Jitter FemtoClock 3 Family Overview

Introducing the industry's lowest jitter 25fs RMS clock generator and jitter attenuator.