The 8714004I is Zero-Delay Buffer/Frequency Multiplier with eight differential HCSL output pairs, and uses external feedback (differential feedback input and output pairs) for "zero delay" clock regeneration. In PCI Express® and Ethernet applications, 100MHz and 125MHz are the most commonly used reference clock frequencies and each of the eight output pairs can be independently set for either 100MHz or 125MHz. With an output frequency range of 98MHz to 165MHz, the device is also suitable for use in a variety of other applications such as Fibre Channel (106.25MHz) and XAUI (156.25MHz). The M-LVDS Input/Output pair is useful in backplane applications when the reference clock can either be local (on the same board as the 8714004I) or remote via a backplane connector. In output mode, an input from a local reference clock applied to the CLK/nCLK input pins is translated to M-LVDS and driven out to the MLVDS/nMLVDS pins. In input mode, the internal M-LVDS driver is placed in Hi-Z state using the OE_MLVDS pin and MLVDS/nMLVDS pin then becomes an input (e.g. from a backplane). The 8714004I uses very low phase noise FemtoClock technology, thus making it ideal for such applications as PCI Express® Generation 1 and 2 as well as for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It is packaged in a 40-VFQFN package (6mm x 6mm).


  • Four 0.7V differential HCSL output pairs, individually selectable for 100MHz or 125MHz for PCIe and Ethernet applications
  • One differential clock input pair CLK/nCLK can accept the following differential input levels: LVPECL, LVDS, M-LVDS, LVHSTL, HCSL
  • One M-LVDS I/O pair (MLVDS/nMLVDS)
  • Output frequency range: 98MHz - 165MHz
  • Input frequency range: 19.6MHz - 165MHz
  • VCO range: 490MHz - 660MHz
  • PCI Express® (2.5 Gb/S) and Gen 2 (5 Gb/s) jitter compliant
  • External feedback for "zero delay" clock regeneration
  • RMS phase jitter @ 125MHz (1.875MHz – 20MHz): 0.62ps (typical)
  • Full 3.3V supply mode
  • -40°C to 85°C ambient operating temperature
  • Available in lead-free (RoHS 6) package

tuneProduct Options

Part Number Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
Obsolete VFQFPN 40 I Yes Tray
Obsolete VFQFPN 40 I Yes Reel


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star 8714004I Datasheet Datasheet PDF 536 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
AN-828 Termination - LVPECL Application Note PDF 322 KB
AN-844 Termination - AC Coupling Clock Receivers Application Note PDF 170 KB
AN-842 Thermal Considerations in Package Design and Selection Application Note PDF 495 KB
AN-840 Jitter Specifications for Timing Signals Application Note PDF 442 KB
AN-833 Differential Input Self Oscillation Prevention Application Note PDF 180 KB
AN-834 Hot-Swap Recommendations Application Note PDF 153 KB
AN-835 Differential Input with VCMR being VIH Referenced Application Note PDF 160 KB
AN-836 Differential Input to Accept Single-ended Levels Application Note PDF 120 KB
AN-815 Understanding Jitter Units Application Note PDF 565 KB
AN-827 Application Relevance of Clock Jitter Application Note PDF 1.15 MB
AN-805 Recommended Ferrite Beads Application Note PDF 121 KB
PDN# : CQ-16-04 QUARTER MARKET DECLINED PDN Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 560 KB
PCN# : TB1504-01R1 Qty per Reel Standardization for Selective Packages Product Change Notice PDF 95 KB
PCN# : TB1504-01 Qty per Reel Standardization for Selective Packages Product Change Notice PDF 50 KB
PCN# : A1309-01 Changed of Traceability Mark Format Product Change Notice PDF 439 KB
Clock Distribution Overview 日本語 Overview PDF 217 KB
IDT Clock Generation Overview 日本語 Overview PDF 1.83 MB

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