This evaluation system is a hardware and software platform for testing Renesas real-time clock (RTC) devices; the system requires only a PC for the controller and power functions. Renesas offers a large portfolio of RTC devices with features including a crystal oscillator, clock and date counters, auto switch-over to battery backup, voltage monitoring with low voltage reset, a watchdog timer, and alarms.

The evaluation system enables users to test all of these functions and to evaluate device performance criteria, such as long-term clock accuracy. Hardware options, such as battery and crystal types, can also be tested. The software sets up easily and enables the evaluation of all major RTC functions. The hardware's two-piece construction - utilizing a motherboard and a daughterboard - allows the evaluation of multiple RTC products simply by switching out small daughterboards.

Renesas real-time clock (RTC) products include a low cost set of products that strike a balance of features and performance for a wide variety of applications. Formerly, the devices in the RTC product line used EEPROM cells for registers and general-purpose memory. The new devices use battery-backed SRAM for all memory which results in a lower cost, yet very reliable, RTC device.


  • Used to evaluate all major RTC functions and device performance criteria for long-term clock accuracy
  • Features Renesas RTC products including:
    • Crystal oscillator
    • Clock and date counters
    • Auto switch-over to battery backup
    • Voltage monitoring with low voltage reset
    • Watchdog timer
    • Alarms
  • Hardware options for battery and crystal types
  • Easy to use software set up
  • Motherboard/Daughterboard configuration allows the evaluation of multiple RTCs



  • Utility meters
  • HVAC equipment
  • Audio/Video components
  • Set-top boxes, televisions
  • Modems
  • Network routers, hubs, switches, bridges
  • Cellular infrastructure equipment
  • Fixed broadband wireless equipment
  • Pagers/PDAs
  • Point of Sale (POS) equipment
  • Test meters/fixtures
  • Office automation (copiers, fax)
  • Home appliances
  • Computer products
  • Other industrial, medical, automotive


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