The 9FGL0841/51 devices are 8-output 3.3V PCIe Gen1–5 clock generators. Each output has a dedicated OE# pin supporting PCIe CLKREQ# functionality. Two different spread spectrum levels, in addition to spread off, are supported. The 9FGL0841/51 supports PCIe Gen1–5 Common Clocked architectures (CC), PCIe Separate Reference no-Spread (SRNS) and Separate Reference Independent Spread (SRIS) clocking architectures.
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  • PCIe Gen1–5 CC-compliant
  • Supports PCIe SRIS and SRNS clocking
  • Integrated terminations for 100Ω and 85Ω systems save 4 resistors per output
  • Pin-selectable SRnS 0%, CC 0% and CC/SRIS -0.5% spread
  • SMBus-selectable CC/SRIS -0.25% spread
  • One 3.3V LVCMOS REF output with Wake-On-LAN (WOL) support
  • Easy AC-coupling to other logic families, see application note AN-891.
  • Space saving 6 × 6 mm 48-VFQFPN



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