The 8EBV89317 10G Ethernet PLL Evaluation board for Industrial Automation and Power Systems allows the user to connect up to three single ended reference inputs via SMA connectors. The reference inputs can operate at 1PPS (1 Hz), 25 MHz, 125 MHz or 156.25 MHz. Synchronization functions are provided by the 8V89317 Digital PLL (DPLL) device which integrates an embedded clock synthesizer.

As well as clock inputs and outputs the evaluation board supports control and monitoring of the 8V89317 device from a Windows or Linux computer over its I2C interface using the on-board USB to I2C converter.  The 8EBV89317 ultra-low jitter output clocks can be used to directly synchronize 10GBASE-R Ethernet PHYs and XAUI or QSGMII devices by connecting the evaluation board’s SMA connectors to differential reference clock inputs on the system board.


  • SMA  connector inputs for three single ended 1PPS (1 Hz), 25 MHz, 125 MHz or 156.25 MHz reference clocks
  • SMA connector outputs for a 322.265625 MHz or 644.53125 MHz differential clock, multiple differential 125 MHz or 156.25 MHz clocks and a free-running 25 MHz LVCMOS clockOn-board USB to I2C microprocessor interface converter
  • Single 5 V power supply

Kit Contents

  • Evaluation Board
  • USB Cable
  • 5V Universal Power Supply



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