Renesas offers a wide variety of clocking products. Some of these products are optimized for the specific requirements of their target applications. In their target application, these products perform better and are easier to use than general-purpose clock parts. Renesas has clock generation and distribution products designed specifically for Network Synchronization, IEEE 1588, Synchronous Ethernet, PCI Express, Intel processors, Real-Time Clocks, RF, JESD204B/C, and Spread Spectrum applications.


General Purpose Timers

General-purpose CMOS RC timers

Network Synchronization

Solutions that combine digital clock synthesizers and analog PLLs in a single chip

PCI Express Clocks

Clock buffers and multiplexers join clock generators to complete the PCIe timing portfolio and together deliver 40fs RMS surpassing the PCIe Gen6 100fs specification

Processor Clocks

Timing solutions for the world’s highest performance CPUs and SoCs

RF & JESD204B/C Timing

Devices designed for exceptionally low phase noise and spurious performance

Real-Time Clocks

Power devices with high noise immunity, low power consumption, and high accuracy

Spread-Spectrum Clocks

Spread spectrum clock ICs and generators to reduce noise and emissions

Automotive Timing

Clock and timing solutions for automotive-grade applications

Product Selector: Application-Specific Clocks

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8V19N850 5G Radio Synchronizer

This video introduces the industry’s first fully-integrated synchronizer for 5G enhanced common public radio interface (eCPRI) radio synchronization.

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