The RAJ2930004AGM is a gate driver IC for IGBT and SiC MOSFET gate-drive in high voltage inverter applications. Integrated 3750Vrms micro-isolators provide data transfer with high voltage isolation between the primary circuit (MCU side) and the secondary circuit (IGBT side). In addition, it boasts superior CMTI (Common Mode Transient Immunity) performance at 150 V/ns or higher, providing reliable communication and increased noise immunity while meeting the high voltages and fast switching speeds required in inverter systems.

This device contains a gate drive circuit, Miller clamp circuit, and soft turn-off circuit as well as several types of protection circuits such as overcurrent detection.


  • Isolation capabilities
    • Withstand Isolation voltage: 3.75kVrms
    • CMTI (Common Mode Transient Immunity): 150V/ns
  • Gate drive capabilities
    • Output peak current: ±10A
  • Protection/fault detection functions
    • On-chip active Miller clamp
    • Soft turn-off
    • Overcurrent protection (DESAT protection)
    • Under voltage lockout (UVLO)
      • VCC1: 4.1V
      • VCC2: 10V
    • Fault feedback by FOB pin and resetting of fault condition by RSTB pin
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 125°C (Tj:150°C max.)
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified (Grade 1)




  • Main inverters for EV/HEV in automotive applications
  • Converters for EV/HEV in automotive applications
  • Inverters and converters for industrial instruments


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Software & Tools

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xEV Inverter Application Model & Software
An xEV (Electric Vehicle) runs on a motor or combination of motor and internal combustion engine, and the motor is controlled by the xEV Inverter. The “xEV Inverter Application Model and Software” provides a sample application model and software to control the motor, reducing software development effort and time during product development using the xEV inverter kit.
Software Package Renesas
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xEV Inverter Reference Solution

Discover the reference solution to build world’s smallest 100KW class inverter for electric vehicles.


Solutions Description
xEV Inverter Reference Solution A reference solution kit including software is available to help customers easily start development and reduce the total lead time.

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