Renesas is a leading provider of innovative power management ICs and is one of the few companies with not only low power, low voltage, high-efficiency solutions, but also higher cell count voltage, higher power, high-efficiency solutions, and advanced packaging techniques. Renesas has a wealth of automotive power experience to deliver versatile and efficient power solutions for automotive infotainment, navigation or telematics platforms.


Linear Regulators

Linear regulators for “always-on” and “keep-alive” applications


PMICs for central displays, rear seat entertainment and virtual dashboards

Motor and Solenoid Drivers

Single-channel, high voltage gate drivers for HEV/EV motor inverters


Single-chip system power supplies for CPU core and DDR (DDR2 and DDR3)

Switching Regulators

Buck, boost, boost-buck, and buck-boost integrated FET regulators


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Renesas Power Management and Timing Solutions For R-Car SoCs

Renesas explains how to simplify building the right power supply and clock tree can for a SOC.