Renesas is a leading provider of innovative power management ICs and is one of the few companies with not only low power, low voltage, high-efficiency solutions, but also higher cell count voltage, higher power, high-efficiency solutions, and advanced packaging techniques. Renesas has a wealth of automotive power experience to deliver versatile and efficient power solutions for automotive infotainment, navigation or telematics platforms.


Automotive Half, Full Bridge and Three Phase MOSFET Drivers

AEC-Q100 qualified MOSFET drivers for 12V to 48V hybrid powertrains

Automotive Integrated FET Regulators

Buck, boost, boost-buck, and buck-boost integrated FET regulators

Automotive Integrated TFT-LCD DC-DC Regulators

Multiple output regulators for use in TFT-LCD automotive applications

Automotive Isolated PWM Controllers

Single-ended and zero-voltage switching PWM controllers for automotive

Automotive Linear Regulators

Linear regulators for “always-on” and “keep-alive” applications

Automotive Multiphase Controllers

Controllers for buck and boost power conversions between automotive buses

Automotive Multiple Output Controllers

Controllers for step-up and step-down conversion in automotive applications

Automotive Power Management ICs (PMICs)

PMICs for central displays, rear seat entertainment and virtual dashboards

Automotive Power Supply ICs for R-Car

Single-chip system power supplies for CPU core and DDR (DDR2 and DDR3)

Automotive RH850 Power ICs

ICs for the power requirements and power sequences of automotive RH850 MCUs

Automotive Single Output - Buck Controllers

Step-down efficiency for a wide variety of load currents

Gate Drivers for HEV/EV

Single-channel, high voltage gate drivers for HEV/EV motor inverters


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Videos & Training

Renesas Power Management and Timing Solutions For R-Car SoCs

Renesas explains how to simplify building the right power supply and clock tree can for a SOC.