The ISL15100 is a single port differential line driver developed for Power Line Communication (PLC) applications. The device is designed to drive heavy line loads while maintaining the high level of linearity required in OFDM PLC modem links. With 15. 5dBm of total transmit signal power into 100Ω line load, the driver achieves -43dB average MTPR distortion across the output spectrum up to 86MHz. The ISL15100 has two bias current control pins (C0, C1) to allow for four power settings (disable, low, medium, high). In disable mode, the line driver outputs maintain a high impedance in the presence of high receive signal amplitude, so it doesn’t affect TDM receive signal integrity. The ISL15100 is available in the thermally-enhanced 16 Ld QFN and is specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.


  • Single differential driver
  • 100MHz Broadband PLC, EOC, HomePlug AV2
  • Control pins for enable/disable and supply current selection
  • High output impedance when disabled for TDM operation
  • -43dBc average MTPR distortion at full line power
  • Single +12V or bipolar ±6V nominal supplies
  • High surge current handling capability


  • Power Line Communication differential driver
  • Pin compatible upgrade to ISL1571IRZ

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Active QFN Tube 75
Active QFN Reel 6000
Active QFN Reel 1000


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ISL15100 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 588 KB
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AN1325: Choosing and Using Bypass Capacitors Application Note PDF 2.06 MB