The R2A20158NP is an integrated circuit semiconductor of CMOS structure with 8 channels of built in D/A converters with output buffer operational amplifiers. It is the electrical characteristic improvement version of the M62393. The input is 2-wires serial method is used for the transfer format of digital data to allow connection with a microcomputer with minimum wiring. This IC corresponds to Fast mode of I2C BUS standard. The output buffer operational amplifier employs AB class output circuit with sync and source drive capacity of 1. 0mA or more, and it operates in the whole voltage range from Vcc to ground. Maximum 8 ICs can be connected to a bus by using 3-chip select pins, so that it is possible to handle up to 64 channels analog data.


  • Guarantee Differential nonlinearity error : +/-0.7LSB, Nonlinearity error : +/-1.0LSB
  • Digital data transfer format: I²C BUS serial data method (corresponds to Fast mode: 400kHz)
  • Output buffer operational amplifier It operates in the whole range from Vcc to ground.
  • High output current drive capacity: 1mA over
  • The very small size (4mmX4mm) QFN-20 package is added to the lineup.




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