The ICM7211AM device is a non-multiplexed four-digit seven-segment CMOS LCD display decoder-driver. This device is configured to drive conventional LCD displays by providing a complete RC oscillator, divider chain, backplane driver, and 28 segment outputs. It also has a microprocessor compatible input configuration, which provides data input latches and Digit Address latches under control of high-speed Chip Select inputs. These devices simplify the task of implementing a cost-effective alphanumeric seven-segment display for microprocessor systems, without requiring extensive ROM or CPU time for decoding and display updating. The ICM7211AM provides the Code B output code, i. e. , 0-9, dash, E, H, L, P, blank, but will correctly decode true BCD to seven-segment decimal outputs.


  • Four Digit Non-Multiplexed 7 Segment LCD Display Outputs with Backplane Driver
  • Complete Onboard RC Oscillator to Generate Backplane Frequency
  • Backplane Input/Output Allows Simple Synchronization Slave-Devices to a Master
  • Provides Data and Digit Address Latches Controlled Chip Select Inputs to Provide a Direct High-Speed Processor Interface
  • Decodes Binary to Code B (0-9, Dash, E, H, L, P, Blank)
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)




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