The Intersil ICL7135 precision A/D converter, with its multiplexed BCD output and digit drivers, combines dual-slope conversion reliability with ±1 in 20, 000 count accuracy and is ideally suited for the visual display DVM/DPM market. The 2. 0000V full scale capability, auto-zero, and auto-polarity are combined with true ratiometric operation, almost ideal differential linearity and true differential input. All necessary active devices are contained on a single CMOS lC, with the exception of display drivers, reference, and a clock. The ICL7135 brings together an unprecedented combination of high accuracy, versatility, and true economy. It features auto-zero to less than 10µV, zero drift of less than 1µV/oC, input bias current of 10pA (Max), and rollover error of less than one count. The versatility of multiplexed BCD outputs is increased by the addition of several pins which allow it to operate in more sophisticated systems. These include STROBE, OVERRANGE, UNDERRANGE, RUN/HOLD and BUSY lines, making it possible to interface the circuit to a microprocessor or UART.


  • Wide VIN range of 6V to 40V
  • Adjustable output voltage from 2.5V to 12V
  • Ensured 150mA output current
  • Ultra low 18µA typical quiescent current
  • Low 2µA of typical shutdown current
  • ±1% accurate voltage reference (over temperature, load)
  • Low dropout voltage of 295mV at 150mA
  • Low 26µVRMS noise
  • 40V tolerant logic level (TTL/CMOS) enable input
  • Stable operation with 10µF output capacitor
  • 5kV ESD HBM rated
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
  • Thermally enhanced 14 Ld exposed pad HTSSOP package

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Datasheets & Errata
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