The DA7211 is a high-definition audio codec in a 3mm x 3mm footprint with an integrated true-ground (True-GND) capless headphone driver suitable for a variety of low power, digital portable audio products.

Featuring a high efficiency but powerful 40mW/channel headphone amplifier the device may be operated from a single 1.8V supply to simplify interfacing to digital processors.


  • High-performance audio codec with integrated PLL
  • True-GND capless Class G 40mW headphone driver with integrated charge pump
  • Flexible clocking capability to minimize master clock circuit board routing
  • Pop & Click suppression circuitry
  • Multi-mode audio routing, mixing and volume control


  • Stereo Playback/Record: 2.5mW and 3mW at 1.8V (into stereo headphone load)
  • Audio performance at 2.5V
    • DAC: 100dB/-85db THD
    • ADC: 95db SNR/-86dB THD
  • Sample rates up to 96kHz supported via multi-slot I2S/PCM interface
  • Stereo fully-differential microphone amplifiers with 5µV input noise and bias
  • Package: 36 bump WLCSP on 0.5mm ball pitch



  • Personal media players
  • Portable consumer devices
  • Music handsets
  • Personal navigation devices


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