The HFA1105 is a High-Speed, low power current feedback amplifier built with Intersil's proprietary complementary bipolar UHF-1 process. This amplifier features an excellent combination of low power dissipation (58mW) and high performance. The slew rate, bandwidth, and low output impedance (0. 08Ω) make this amplifier a good choice for driving Flash ADCs. Component and composite video systems also benefit from this op amp's excellent gain flatness, and good differential gain and phase specifications. The HFA1105 is ideal for interfacing to Intersil's line of video crosspoint switches (HA4201, HA4600, HA4314, HA4404, HA4344), to create high performance, low power switchers and routers. The HFA1105 is a low power, high performance upgrade for the CLC406. For a comparable amplifier with output disable or output limiting functions, please see the data sheets for the HFA1145 and HFA1135 respectively. For Military grade product, please refer to the HFA1145/883 data sheet.


  • Low Supply Current 5.8mA
  • High Input Impedance 1MΩ
  • Wide -3dB Bandwidth 330MHz
  • Very Fast Slew Rate 1000V/µs
  • Gain Flatness (to 75MHz) ±0.1dB
  • Differential Gain 0.02%
  • Differential Phase 0.03 Degrees
  • Pin Compatible Upgrade for CLC406




  • Flash A/D Drivers
  • Video Switching and Routing
  • Professional Video Processing
  • Video Digitizing Boards/Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • RGB Preamps
  • Medical Imaging
  • Hand Held and Miniaturized RF Equipment
  • Battery Powered Communications


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