μPC277, μPC393 are dual comparators designed to operate for a single power supply. The features include low-voltage operation, a common-mode input voltage that range from V− (GND) level, an open collector output, and low current consumption. Furthermore, these products can operate on a split power supply and used widely for various voltage comparison application. Depending on the usage and operating ambient temperature range, the μPC277 is design for communication industries and μPC393 is design for general purposes. In addition, compatible DC parameter selection for the comparators also available. Along with this series of lineup, the quad type comparators, μPC177 and μPC339 with the same circuit configuration are also available.


  • Input Offset Voltage: ±2 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Bias Current: 25 nA (TYP.)
  • Voltage Gain: 200000 (TYP.)
  • Pulse Response Time: 1.3 μs (TYP.)
  • Output Sink Current: 16 mA (TYP.)
  • A wired OR is possible as the output is an open collector.
  • Low Voltage Operation: V+ - V-: 2 ~ 32 V




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