The Renesas Pet Activity Monitor is a practical reference design created in celebration of the Year of the Dog. This device can track your dog's barking and activity, and data can be viewed and downloaded from your PC. The Pet Activity Monitor is a self-contained PCB board inside a plastic casing to make it easy to attach to your pet's collar or use the included collar. This activity monitor features a Renesas SynergyTM Platform S3-series MCU and multiple Renesas power and analog components. The device monitors activity and sound from your pet. It attaches to the pet's collar and can count steps taken by the pet throughout the day. It can also detect barking in dogs.


  • Accelerometer detects movement/steps
  • MEMS microphone with the ISL28133 op amp for audio detection (barking)
  • Utilizes low power consumption
  • Low continuous active current with on/off switch
  • Powered with one LIR2032 coin cell battery rechargeable by USB or +5V wall plug
  • Quickly designed utilizing Synergy SSP API
  • PC application using Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition to create a VB.NET application to interface to the device from Microsoft Windows.
  • Expandable with the Serial PMOD port


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e² studio for Renesas Synergy™
The e² studio ISDE is specifically designed for the Synergy Platform and offers tools for three phases of the software design process: preparation phase, build phase and debug phase.
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