The system control solution controls the robot system's drive control based on the information gathered by the sensors. Renesas microcontrollers with a wide performance range (RZ, RX, RL78 family, Renesas Synergy™ platform), are ideal for system control applications. Renesas’s technology has been used for many years to comply with the strict reliability requirements needed for robotic applications.

Block Product Type Product Description
System Control Platform Renesas Synergy™ Platform New embedded system platform that reduces the cost and period for the project development and maintenance
RZ/G Linux Platform Linux platform that meets demanding time to market requirements
Microcontroller/Microprocessor RZ Family Arm-based high-end MPU
RX Family Renesas original 32-bit high power efficiency MCU
RL78 Family High-performance and low-power-consumption 8/16-bit class CPU
Human Machine Interface Microcontroller/Microprocessor RZ and RX Families Human machine interface solution based on capacitive touch and LCD display
In-robot Communication Microcontroller with Built-in Network Function Microcontroller, dedicated controller Widely covering Ethernet, dedicated protocol, CAN, and IO-Link.
Interface RS485, RS232 Transceiver Transceivers with rich track record in industrial and telecommunication applications