The Intersil HSP45102 is Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO12) with 32-bit frequency resolution and 12-bit output. With over 69dB of spurious free dynamic range and worst case frequency resolution of 0. 009Hz, the NCO12 provides significant accuracy for frequency synthesis solutions at a competitive price. The frequency to be generated is selected from two frequency control words. A single control pin selects which word is used to determine the output frequency. Switching from one frequency to another occurs in one clock cycle, with a 6 clock pipeline delay from the time that the new control word is loaded until t4-he new frequency appears on the output. Two pins, P0-1, are provided for phase modulation. They are encoded and added to the top two bits of the phase accumulator to offset the phase in 90° increments. The 13-bit output of the Phase Offset Adder is mapped to the sine wave amplitude via the Sine ROM. The output data format is offset binary to simplify interfacing to D/A converters. Spurious frequency components in the output sinusoid are less than -69dBc. The NCO12 has applications as a Direct Digital Synthesizer and modulator in low cost digital radios, satellite terminals, and function generators.


  • 33MHz, 40MHz Versions
  • 32-Bit Frequency Control
  • BFSK, QPSK Modulation
  • Serial Frequency Load
  • 12-Bit Sine Output
  • Offset Binary Output Format
  • 0.009Hz Tuning Resolution at 40MHz
  • Spurious Frequency Components <-69dBc
  • Fully Static CMOS
  • Low Cost
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)




  • Direct Digital Synthesis
  • Modulation
  • PSK Communications
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