Dima Mymrikov
Dima Mymrikov
Sr. Technical Development Director
Published: September 15, 2022

Motor control solutions are a vital branch of electronics. Their role has increased with the strong development of industrial automation and smart home technologies. Nowadays, it’s not enough to run a motor, it’s important to run it correctly with additional protection settings, along with customizations that play an important role to end customers.

Power consumption has a strong impact too. Battery-powered wearable and portable devices are required to save power, therefore drawing more attention to the sleep mode power utilization. Moreover, system architects strive to minimize the PCB size and footprint to increase the level of integration of their systems as much as possible.

This month, Renesas introduced the second HVPAK part - SLG47115. HVPAK is a brand-new sub-family of motor drivers originating from the GreenPAK™ broad family. This sub-family is targeting DC and stepper motors, actuators, and valves that are commonly used in robotics, home appliances, toys, cameras, and a wide range of other compact devices. The new chip’s power supply voltage was doubled, up to 26.4 V. It can drive loads up to 3 A per output, and its current comparators were improved to work faster. Below is a comparison of the available parts:

High Voltage High Current Outputs42
Max. Power Supply Voltage13.2 V26.4 V
Max. Current per Output2 A3 A
Configurable General Purpose In/Out88
Programmable Current Sense Comparators21
Package20-pin STQFN package20-pin STQFN package
Common Resources
  • 12 Combination Function Macrocells (LUT/DFF)
  • 5 Multi-Function Macrocells (CNT/DLY/LUT/DFF)
  • 2 x 8-bit PWM Macrocells with a 16-byte Register file
  • Diff Amp with integrator for Constant Motor Speed Control with Varying Supply Voltages
  • Two High Speed General Purpose ACMPs
  • General Purpose Analog Temperature Sensor
  • Two Oscillators (OSC)
  • I2C Protocol Interface
  • Non-Volatile One-Time Programmable Memory
Protection FeaturesOver-Current Protection, Thermal Shutdown, Under-Voltage Lockout

Both ICs can be used to implement one or a combination of the strategies described below.

1. Integrate using HVPAK

The HVPAK chips combine resources to design both flexible motor control and mixed-signal logic using a single chip. As a result, HVPAK is able to reduce the solution price. These chips can replace multiple positions from your bill of materials. Currently, this benefit is especially important considering supply constraints.

Additionally, HVPAK lets shrink your PCB size as it can replace various elements with its 2 mm x 3 mm tiny package and an ultra-low typical sleep mode power consumption of 70 nA.

2. Differentiate using HVPAK

HVPAK is a unique solution that has many industry-new innovative functions. One of them is a soft start that prevents instantaneous high current increases when a motor starts. Built-in over-current and over-temperature protection reduces overall design complexity and enables higher system reliability.

Moreover, this chip allows the creation of tailored control signals commanded via I2C, one wire, or custom control. HVPAK can directly react to the external sensor’s signals.

3. Offload MCU using HVPAK

HVPAK can also be used to offload the motor control function of the MCU. It is able to monitor sensor signals and make decisions based on these inputs. In less complex applications, HVPAK will fully replace the MCU and serve as a standalone solution without MCU.

In summary, the HVPAK programmable mixed-signal matrix with integrated H-/Half-Bridge functionality is a unique solution that lets you create a customized motor driver application that exactly matches your needs. Thanks to our free GUI-based Go Configure™ Software Hub, the design process is very intuitive and swift. All HVPAK designs can be hardware-locked, so your device will meet the highest security standards. Our engineers are ready to provide you with world-class support in creating a new design or improving your current one.

Check out more at HVPAK from Renesas or contact us directly at [email protected].

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