Ren Imaoka
Ren Imaoka
Published: December 22, 2021


Designing the system software solutions and verification strategies to realize ever-increasing functionality and ever more complex E/E architectures demanded by the market.


The automotive/mobility segment is facing a once in a 100 year revolution. Automatic driving, electric vehicles, and connectivity are all becoming mainstream, and the need to support increasingly performant and complex systems increasing. As part of this change, the focus is shifting from hardware (HW) implementation to software (SW) solutions providing an increasing portion of the system value. Renesas is combining both its leading HW devices and advanced SW into system solutions based on an E/E architecture. The SW system design is key to achieving our goals and meeting the challenges the revolution brings.

Our Role

E/E Architecture Core Technology: System Software Development and Verification
In-car networks, cloud connectivity, and computer vision are all part of the existing E/E architecture system today but there is an increasing need to support new services through regular updates. The architecture of future systems must have the flexibility to add new features easily whilst maintaining performance and reliability. Our challenge is to evaluate and predict our customers’ future use cases to design an SW architecture to meet those needs and to ensure it is delivered with the high quality required by the industry.

  • SW System Development: System Architecture Design for Application Control SW
    (SW Structure/APIs/Performance) 

    SW System Development

    Our mission is to build the Right system, Right.

  • System Verification: Define the verification strategy and implement environment
    (Test applications, automation)  

    System Verification

    Image: Predicting customer needs
    (ADAS: Replicating real-life situations)

Renesas is building on its position as a leading automotive semiconductor supplier providing high-quality control, in-car network, ADAS, and cockpit solutions to provide advanced added value to global OEM/Tier 1 customers.

We believe in Renesas will play a key role in the once in 100 year revolution. Enabling our customers to create!


Through our modern SW system design and verification techniques and close connections with leading OEM/Tier 1 partners, we can bring new value to our customers through new SW-based automotive/mobility solutions.

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