Yukiko Date
Yukiko Date
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Published: June 8, 2022

These days, networks connect many edge devices such as home appliances, buildings and factories all over the world. The number of IoT devices is increasing year by year, especially in healthcare, consumer, and industrial applications. These IoT devices often have limited size, and not only internal components but also the main processor are required to be miniaturized. The RA2E2 ultra-compact Arm® MCU was designed specifically for these small, connected IoT devices and now the RA2E2 fast prototyping board will help decrease your solution development time to get to market faster.

What is RA2E2?

The ultra-compact RA2E2 MCU has optimized functionality and memory capacity that can contribute to cost-sensitive applications. RA2E2 has a 1.84mm x 1.87mm 16-pin WLCSP package and supports 20-pin and 24-pin QFN, as well. These small size packages enable designers to use them in space-constrained designs without PCB area concerns.

Ultra-low power consumption

RA2E2 achieves the lowest power consumption in the 32-bit MCU class, delivering an operating current of 81μA/MHz and software standby current of 200nA with fast wakeup. Software standby mode reduces power consumption to a minimum level by shutting down the CPU, most internal peripherals, and oscillators. Furthermore, it is possible to return from software standby mode at high speed in less than 7.3μs. The RA2E2 has flexible power architecture and power modes to achieve lower average power for multiple applications.

Optimized functions

Optimizing peripheral functions for low-power operation helps contribute to a reasonable system cost. 32-bit low-power AGT and I3C are the RA2 series' first such functions and the operating temperature range is extended to -40 °C to +125 °C. I3C is a serial communication interface with improved I2C functions, performance, and power consumption, and is a new standard expected to be applied to various applications such as sensor control and wearable devices.

RA2E2 MCU Advantages on Display
RA2E2 MCU Advantages on Display

What is a Fast Prototyping Board?

The RA2E2 fast prototyping board, allows you to quickly and easily evaluate RA2E2 at a reasonable cost. It has a built-in E2 emulator Lite so you can debug programs directly without an extra emulator. It also has Arduino Uno and Pmod™ interfaces which can extend the evaluation environment. The FPB is the size of a business card (5.3cm x 8.5cm), so you can easily evaluate it.

RA2E2 Fast Prototyping Board

To experience the excellent advantages of RA2E2 and the FPB, Renesas has created sample programs that can immediately measure air quality with the Renesas ZMOD4410 gas sensor module and room temperature and humidity with the HS3001 temperature/humidity sensor module. These sample programs show how to connect the sensor module and FPB with I3C via the Pmod connector, and you can evaluate the advantages of I3C, such as power consumption and wire-saving.

RA2E2 Fast Prototyping Board Connection with HS3001 Pmod
Connection with HS3001 Pmod

Download the sample projects below to try out the features of the RA2E2 FPB for yourself:

Visit the following RA2E2 pages for more information including datasheet, app notes and samples:

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