Rishi Kumar
Rishi Kumar
Staff Engineer
Published: April 3, 2023

Are you an innovator and love to create your own designs? Do you want to keep them secured and avoid copying? Does the lack of board and software stop you from developing and validating your ideas? Take my advice, and try your hand at designing with GreenPAK™ using Renesas' Lab on the Cloud.

Renesas' Lab on the Cloud is an innovative platform that provides a new and unique solution for customers, allowing them to develop and test their Power, embedded systems, and IoT applications remotely without the need for physical hardware. It offers various services, including access to hardware development boards, software development tools, and cloud-based development environments. This means that customers can access the platform through a web browser, eliminating the need for local installations or downloads.

Lab on the Cloud Setup

Figure 1. Lab on the Cloud Setup

Renesas' GreenPAK device is roughly 1.2mm2 in size, has amazingly low power consumption (0.3uA to 1uA), and is a custom mixed-signal IC. It keeps your design invisible and secure. It is a non-volatile memory (NVM) programmable device that enables innovators to integrate many system functions into a single custom circuit. Using the Go Configure simulation and emulation GreenPAK designer tool, it is very easy and takes just minutes to get your design ready for use. It is a fast-to-market solution, reducing BOM count and PCB footprint.

Emulating with Go Configure Designer over Lab on the Cloud

Figure 2. Emulating with Go Configure Designer over Lab on the Cloud

Lab on the Cloud enables you to design using the Go Configure tool online, so you don't need to download it onto your system and consume space. It allows users to simulate the design and, on top of it, emulate the design to the real hardware connected to the cloud system and capture the waveforms. After completing the test, users can even download the design to use it on their final chip after receiving chip samples. If you have your design ready and are waiting for the hardware or samples to test it, don't wait and upload it over Lab on the Cloud and test with the real hardware that's available remotely.

Accessing GreenPAK over Lab on the Cloud

Figure 3. Accessing GreenPAK over Lab on the Cloud

Renesas' Lab on the Cloud is an innovative and exciting development tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way that customers develop and test embedded systems and IoT applications. With GreenPAK devices on Lab on the Cloud, it adds wings to customers' innovation by accelerating their development ideas and reducing the time to market for new products. It provides a collaborative environment that can foster innovation and creativity. Renesas' Lab on the Cloud is undoubtedly a platform that will be of great interest to many organizations and engineers in the Power, Embedded systems, and IoT fields.

Save time and jump start your design today.

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