Takuro Ichikawa
Takuro Ichikawa
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: June 20, 2022

Recently, the product that equipped Vision AI became unveiled in the market step-by-step. Renesas prepares and proposes the software and tools to support your development period becomes shortened.

Today, I’d like to introduce the software and tools for developing a Vision AI application:

  • Linux Operating system: RZ/V2M Linux Package
  • CMOS sensor and multimedia control software: RZ/V2M ISP Support Package
  • AI inference control software: RZ/V2M DRP-AI Support Package
  • AI model converter: DRP-AI Translator

The software is working on the RZ/V2M evaluation board shown below. Please ask your sales contact or agent if you want to get the evaluation board. Also, this board plan to sell by or agent “Chip1Stop” from July 2022.

RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit
RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit (Lens is not bundled in this kit)

Then let’s start with today’s body. First, I’d like to introduce RZ/V2M Linux Package. This package includes the Linux Kernel, device drivers and documents. Also, RZ/V2M Linux selected Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) to provide over ten years of support. Therefore, we recommend using this platform for customers who develop products that require a long life.

This package supports the following device drivers.

Overview of RZ/V2M Linux Package
Overview of RZ/V2M Linux Package

Download link: RZ/V2M Linux Package

Next, is the software, RZ/V2M ISP Support Package, that controls camera and multimedia functions. This software package is tuned for the IMX415 CMOS sensor. Usually, the CMOS sensor tuning requires deep knowledge and much experience, but only if you use this package, you can install the specialist’s knowledge on your system immediately. In addition, you can use like 5MP(Full HD) or 8MP(4K) CMOS sensor and multimedia functions such as video compression or outputting to monitor.

Overview of ISP Support Package
Overview of ISP Support Package

Download URL: RZ/V2M ISP Support Package

Please refer to the detail of “Tuned ISP”
Bid farewell to ISP tuning and manual parameter tweaking with RZ/V2M "Tuned ISP"

Last, I’d like to introduce the RZ/V2M DRP-AI Support Package that can install the AI inference functionality to your system, and DRP-AI Translator that can convert the AI model to DRP-AI object file.

RZ/V2M DRP-AI Support Packages provide the following four contents to try and develop the AI functions.

  • DRP-AI driver
  • Implementation guide for AI model (Tiny-YOLO, ResNet, HRNet, etc...)
  • Sample software for evaluation
  • Code for sample Application
Overview of DRP-AI Support Package
Overview of DRP-AI Support Package

Download URL: RZ/V2M DRP-AI Support Package

DRP-AI translator is a necessary tool to adapt the AI model to RZ/V2M. This tool converts from the AI model formatted as ONNX to DRP-AI object file. It is also the tool that optimizes the code so that DRP-AI can work efficiently.

Download URL: DRP-AI Translator

Please refer to the detail of DRP-AI White paper

You can start the evaluation of RZ/V2M’s features using the software and tool that I introduced. Renesas supports your development not just for semiconductors but the development environment.

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