Takehiro Mikami
IoT Product Marketing
Published: March 13, 2021

As the market for motor applications expands, it becomes more and more critical to save on the mounting area and reduce the size of the real estate of the PCB board. One of the methods to realize this is reducing the number of parts mounted on a board and miniaturizing the board itself. This time, I will be introducing a new QFN package lineup for the RX13T 32-bit MCU for motor control which has started mass production in the first quarter of the year.

RX13T has the ideal peripheral functionality for one motor inverter control. The addition of the QFN package will also reduce the package size and contribute to the reduction of the mounting area.

There are two different QFN packages that have been added this time: a 32-pin 5mm square and a 48-pin 7mm square.


※ JEITA package code of each product is as follows.
 P-HWQFN032-5x5-0.50, P-HWQFN048-7x7-0.50, P-LQFP32-7x7-0.80, P-LFQFP48-7x7-0.50 from the left. 

The size of the QFP package, including the leads, is 9mm square for both 32 (*) / 48 pins.
On the other hand, the QFN package has a leadless structure, so it is extremely small with 32 pins at 5mm square and 48 pins at 7mm square.
By using the QFN package, it is possible to reduce the mounting area of the MCU and reduce the size of the board.
* In the 32-pin QFP, the pin pitch width is 0.8 millimeters.

In addition, the RX13T has high noise immunity due to its 5V support. It also comes with a timer MTU3 for inverter control, and realizes simultaneous sampling of three-phase current values with a dedicated sample and hold function to each channel (3 channels). This can all be realized with a single chip.

Furthermore, it also comes with a programmable gain amplifier, comparator, data flash, and high-speed internal oscillator (HOCO, accuracy ± 1.0%), making it possible to reduce the number of components mounted on the board.

With this RX13T QFN package, you can also make an inverter board smaller with a 2-layer board (see picture below).


By adding a QFN package lineup, the RX13T not only contributed to the miniaturization of the control board but also reduce the size of the enclosure housing. The motor application area is expected to expand further in the future. With this new package expansion on the RX13T lineup, the RX13T will meet the market demands for small pin count/package and contribute to the development of motor applications. In the future, we will continue to pursue products that can realize all motor applications around the world with less power, lower cost, and smaller size. Please look forward to it.

Learn more about our RX13T 32-bit microcontroller products. 

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