John Evans, Senior Worldwide FAE Director
John Evans
Senior Worldwide FAE Director
Published: September 15, 2022

The Renesas Engineering Community, formerly RenesasRulz, is a great resource to get online technical support on our popular product lines. The community is supported by our technical staff to ensure that you get the best quality help as quickly as possible. We’re online throughout the day, working through questions and, where necessary, tapping into our specialist resources inside Renesas. We’ve recently made improvements to the Community to reflect our continued commitment to providing quality technical support for customers of all sizes. We’ve made it easier to navigate, and easier to search with improved tagging. We now also support a wider range of products (popular MCU, MPU, Connectivity, Analog & Power) and we are growing the support team.

What makes Renesas communities so special? 

Community support is by nature public and open. Each day, as new questions come online and attract answers and contributors, it grows as a living/breathing knowledge base. That makes it a great place to get the design help you need. With thousands of questions already posted and answers received and verified by users, often a quick search can yield accurate answers to help you solve your current problem and keep moving with your project. It’s also a great place to browse the questions being asked and contribute as a valued community member of like-minded engineers who share an active interest in similar products and applications.

Check out the communities at

What are the other online support options available? 

Alongside community support, we continue to provide our private ticketed support via myRenesas for occasions where you might want to share something confidential or ask non-technical questions related to topics like quality, lifetime and documentation, among others. You can access myRenesas ticket support at

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