Lars Mickan
Business Development Manager
Published: August 15, 2020

In the future of industrial automation, the industrial Ethernet communication protocols become increasingly important to apply the advantages of a digital communication into IoT or Industrial 4.0 applications. A machine to machine communication is necessary to implement an application for IoT or Industry 4.0, hence all future used machines should be able to communicate via industrial Ethernet protocols. These protocols are based on international standards and ensure that the machines are talking in the same language. This offers a lot of advantages like easy commissioning, easy device replacement or device diagnostic which are requirements of end-user organizations. 

Multi-protocol support offers flexibility and cost reduction

The Renesas R-IN32M3 industrial Ethernet module supports the industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ in one module hardware with plans to extend to EtherCAT® in the near future. With the ability to upgrade to EtherCAT®, all three protocol stacks including the licenses fee are packed into this module, provided at one price.


Easy migration path proves to be advantageous for future solutions

The physical connection of the application controller to the module solution is done via the SPI interface. The application software will be connected with the Renesas application interface, offering an easy migration path to other Renesas MCU solutions. The R-IN32M3 module hardware is a factor of a dual port RJ45 Ethernet connector. This allows for easy design-in of the module hardware with little effort of routing the PCB or modifying the existing housing, as well as an easy migration path to future Renesas MCU solutions. 

Fast time to market with less development effort

The Renesas R-IN32M3 industrial Ethernet module has a solution kit, comprising the application examples source code for the Synergy S7 Starter Kit as well as the source for the appropriated device driver files (GSDML, EDS and ESI). A Microsoft Windows based tool chain offers an easy way to configure and update the module firmware as well as establish an industrial Ethernet communication to the module. 


Both the R-IN32M3 module and the solution kit are available for purchase, find out more by visiting the R-IN Module page on our website.

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