Keisuke Koseki
Keisuke Koseki
Application Engineer
Published: December 22, 2023

In recent years, edge AI technology has rapidly advanced, opening new possibilities in various fields. Many individuals have also experienced an increase in opportunities to interact with AI, and within this context, I believe that many have come to appreciate the challenges of building AI solutions from scratch.

Renesas provides pre-trained "AI Applications" (hereinafter referred to as AI apps) that closely align with practical AI applications, and these are available free of charge for commercial use. Furthermore, utilizing these AI apps can significantly reduce the man-hours required for AI development. These AI apps can be easily modified and built using the AI Software Development Kit (AI SDK) software environment designed for the Evaluation Board Kit.

Please refer to the following blog for information about the concept of AI apps:
Let's find the AI Apps You Want, Introducing Renesas AI Apps Available Free of Charge

Renesas released RZ/V2L AI Applications and RZ/V2L AI SDK v2.10 in November 2023.
Renesas RZ/V AI | AI Applications and AI SDK on RZ/V series

With this latest release, 13 new AI apps have been added, bringing the total to 49 AI apps that are now available for free.

In this blog, I will select and introduce three AI apps from the newly added ones.

Preceding Vehicle Movement Alert

No more worries about missing the start of the lead car when waiting at a signal or stuck in traffic. This application detects the start of the lead car and notifies the driver.

Ready to start - preceding vehicle detected

Blind Spot Monitor

This application detects motorcycles, bicycles, and other objects hidden in blind spots while driving, minimizing the risk of accidents during right or left turns. It supports safe driving for the driver.

Caution - bike detected in blind spot of truck

Defect Inspection Support

This application monitors the production line in factories and detects cracks in manufactured products. It supports the inspection process of products, contributing to factory automation and quality control.

Crack detected in jar

In addition to the AI apps introduced in this blog, there is a lineup of various other AI apps available at AI Applications.

Furthermore, tutorial videos for executing these AI apps, labeled “RZ/V2L AI Applications Tutorial Getting Started v2.10” have been published on YouTube and the Renesas Website.

Please try out the AI apps using the RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit.

We welcome feedback and requests on Renesas RZ/V AI Issues.

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