This solution provides a compact 3-phase Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control solution. It is made possible by a highly integrated 3-phase smart gate driver, directly driving three N-channel MOSFET bridges. Parts count is further reduced by an internal Buck-Boost in the Smart Gate driver providing system power. The high-performance MCU, which includes specialized ADC and PWM timers, allows it to run complex algorithms for smoother operation while also providing improved data communications (CAN FD and I3C) typically used in motor and industrial control.

System Benefits:

  • Low-parts count allows for small PCB
  • Improved communications interfaces 
  • Wide voltage range and high gate drive current allow MOSFET selection to support the motor connected. 
  • Proposed MOSFETs allow for 10A motors without heatsink (600W max)