A supercapacitor, also known as an electrical double layer capacitor (EDLC), has features such as short charging time, high power density, long lifecycles, good temperature performance, and environmental protection. EDLCs can be used to replace traditional batteries (with defects such as electrolyte leakage) as a backup power supply. The EDLC's power can be used for data backup, wireless communication, etc. when the power is turned off for a few minutes.

Renesas' smart power meter solution is integrated with 4G communication and the EDLC to achieve a smart control and always-on system. The ISL85403 buck-boost regulator achieves self-cycling EDLC backup and could discharge the EDLC voltage as low as 0.1V (theoretically). This greatly improves the EDLC's efficiency and reduces the system cost. Additionally, the RL78/L13 microcontroller (MCU) is ideal for measurement devices and power meters with ultra-low power and a built-in segment LCD driver.

System Benefits:

  • The ISL85403 buck-boost regulator can fully utilize the power of supercapacitors (can be as low as 0.3V)
  • Low-cost 16-bit RL78/L13 MCU with ultra-low power and a segment LCD driver
  • The best solution for battery- and EDLC-based always-on systems