Heat pumps can play a key role in climate change mitigation. They have a reversing valve that can move the heat from inside the house to the outdoors (cooling mode) or reverse the cycle and move the heat from outside the house to indoors (heating mode). The coefficient of performance (COP) is high for heat pumps. Renesas provides comprehensive solutions for heat pump control systems.

System Benefits:

  • High-performance and dedicated motor control MCU
  • Power line communication (PLC) and Wi-Fi modules provide stable wire or wireless communication
  • Multiple integrated sensors to monitor the system and optimize the operation




  • Heat pump
  • HVAC

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1561 Sheet.1563 Sheet.1564 Power IGBT.1337 Power IGBT Power IGBT Power IGBT Power IGBT Power IGBT Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 CN111 CN111 CN111 Sheet.261 .733 Sheet.263 Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Sheet.267 Sheet.268 Sheet.269 Sheet.270 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.273 Sheet.274 Sheet.275 Sheet.276 Sheet.277 Sheet.278 Sheet.279 Sheet.280 Sheet.281 Sheet.282 Sheet.283 Sheet.284 Sheet.285 Sheet.286 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.289 Sheet.290 Sheet.291 Sheet.292 Sheet.293 Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Sheet.296 Sheet.297 Sheet.298 Sheet.299 Sheet.300 Sheet.301 Sheet.302 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.305 Sheet.306 Sheet.307 Sheet.308 Sheet.309 Sheet.310 Sheet.311 Sheet.312 Sheet.313 Sheet.314 Sheet.315 Sheet.316 Sheet.317 Sheet.318 Sheet.319 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.322 Sheet.323 Sheet.324 Sheet.325 Sheet.326 Sheet.327 Sheet.328 Sheet.329 Sheet.330 Sheet.331 Sheet.332 Sheet.333 Sheet.334 Sheet.335 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.338 Sheet.339 Sheet.340 Sheet.341 Sheet.342 Sheet.343 Sheet.344 Sheet.345 Sheet.346 Sheet.347 Sheet.348 Sheet.349 Sheet.350 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.353 Sheet.354 Sheet.355 Sheet.356 Sheet.357 Sheet.358 Sheet.359 Sheet.360 Sheet.361 Sheet.362 Sheet.363 AC Power Source Sheet.366 Alternating Current Sheet.368 Sheet.369 Diode.316 Sheet.371 Sheet.372 Sheet.373 Sheet.375 Sheet.376 Sheet.377 Sheet.378 Sheet.380 Sheet.381 Sheet.382 Sheet.383 Sheet.389 Sheet.771 Sheet.772 Sheet.773 Sheet.774 Sheet.775 Sheet.776 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.779 Sheet.780 Sheet.781 Sheet.782 Sheet.783 Sheet.784 Sheet.785 Sheet.786 Sheet.788 Sheet.789 Sheet.790 Sheet.791 Sheet.792 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.795 Sheet.796 Sheet.797 Sheet.798 Sheet.799 Sheet.800 Sheet.801 Sheet.802 Sheet.1329 .733 Sheet.1248 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.894 Sheet.895 Sheet.896 Sheet.897 Sheet.898 Sheet.899 Sheet.900 Sheet.901 Sheet.902 Sheet.903 Sheet.904 Sheet.905 Sheet.906 Sheet.907 Connect.50 Sheet.909 Sheet.910 Sheet.911 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.951 Sheet.952 Sheet.953 Sheet.954 Sheet.955 Sheet.956 Sheet.957 Sheet.958 Sheet.959 Sheet.960 Sheet.961 Sheet.962 Sheet.963 Sheet.964 Connect.50 Sheet.966 Sheet.967 Sheet.968 Sheet.1129 Sheet.1249 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.1251 Sheet.1252 Sheet.1253 Sheet.1254 Sheet.1255 Sheet.1256 Sheet.1257 Sheet.1258 Sheet.1259 Sheet.1260 Sheet.1261 Sheet.1262 Sheet.1263 Sheet.1264 Connect.50 Sheet.1266 Sheet.1267 Sheet.1268 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.1270 Sheet.1271 Sheet.1272 Sheet.1273 Sheet.1274 Sheet.1275 Sheet.1276 Sheet.1277 Sheet.1278 Sheet.1279 Sheet.1280 Sheet.1281 Sheet.1282 Sheet.1283 Connect.50 Sheet.1285 Sheet.1286 Sheet.1287 Sheet.1288 Sheet.1289 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.1291 Sheet.1292 Sheet.1293 Sheet.1294 Sheet.1295 Sheet.1296 Sheet.1297 Sheet.1298 Sheet.1299 Sheet.1300 Sheet.1301 Sheet.1302 Sheet.1303 Sheet.1304 Connect.50 Sheet.1306 Sheet.1307 Sheet.1308 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.1310 Sheet.1311 Sheet.1312 Sheet.1313 Sheet.1314 Sheet.1315 Sheet.1316 Sheet.1317 Sheet.1318 Sheet.1319 Sheet.1320 Sheet.1321 Sheet.1322 Sheet.1323 Connect.50 Sheet.1325 Sheet.1326 Sheet.1327 Sheet.1328 Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp Photocoupler Photocoupler Photocoupler PFC PFC PFC ODU ODU ODU Sheet.1380 Sheet.1359 Sheet.1379 Sheet.1371 Sheet.1377 Sheet.1378 Triangle.12 Triangle.16 Sheet.1381 Sheet.1383 Sheet.1385 Sheet.1386 Sheet.1387 Sheet.1388 Sheet.1389 Solenoid Valve Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.714 Sheet.1393 Sheet.1394 Sheet.1395 Relay Relay Relay Sheet.1247 Solenoid Valve Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.714 Sheet.1241 Sheet.1397 Sheet.1398 Sheet.1399 Darlington Transistor Darlington Transistor Darlington Transistor Sheet.1402 Sheet.1403 Sheet.1414 Sheet.1415 Sheet.1416 Sheet.1417 IPM Driver 2 IPM Driver IPM Driver Resistor - Fixed Resistor - Fixed.1420 Sheet.1421 Sheet.1422 Sheet.1423 Sheet.1424 Sheet.1425 Sheet.1426 Sheet.1427 Sheet.1428 Sheet.1429 Sheet.1430 Sheet.1431 Sheet.1432 Sheet.1433 Sheet.1434 Sheet.1435 Sheet.1436 Sheet.1437 Connector 1.173 Sheet.1439 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 2 Communication Lines B.795 2 2 2 AUX AUX AUX Sheet.1451 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp Sheet.1454 Sheet.1455 Transformer Line.841 Inductor Air Core.509 Sheet.1465 Sheet.1466 Sheet.1467 Sheet.1468 Sheet.1469 Sheet.1470 Sheet.1471 Sheet.1472 Sheet.1473 Line.29 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1476 Sheet.1477 Sheet.1478 Sheet.1479 Sheet.1480 Sheet.1481 Sheet.1482 Sheet.1483 Sheet.1484 Capacitor Non-polarized Sheet.1491 Sheet.1492 Sheet.1493 Sheet.1494 Capacitor Non-polarized .1495 Sheet.1496 Sheet.1497 Sheet.1498 Sheet.1499 Sheet.1500 Sheet.1501 Sheet.1502 Sheet.1503 LDO 2 LDO LDO Sheet.1506 Sheet.1507 Sheet.1508 Connector 1.173.1509 Sheet.1510 Sheet.1511 Temp *3 Sensor Temp Sensor x3 Temp Sensor x3 Sheet.1514 Connector 1.173.1515 Sheet.1516 Connector 1.173.1517 Flyback 2 Flyback Flyback AUX AUX AUX Sheet.1520 12V/0.5Amax 12V/0.5Amax 12V/0.5Amax Sheet.1522 Signal Ground Sheet.1525 Sheet.1526 Sheet.1527 Sheet.1528 Sheet.1529 Sheet.1530 Sheet.1531 Transformer.1532 Line.841 Inductor Air Core.509 Sheet.1535 Sheet.1536 Sheet.1537 Sheet.1538 Sheet.1539 Sheet.1540 Sheet.1541 Sheet.1542 Sheet.1543 Line.29 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.1546 Sheet.1547 Sheet.1548 Sheet.1549 Sheet.1550 Sheet.1551 Sheet.1552 Sheet.1553 Sheet.1554 Capacitor Non-polarized .1555 Sheet.1556 Sheet.1557 Sheet.1558 Sheet.1559 Signal Ground.1565 Sheet.1566 Sheet.1567 Sheet.1568 Sheet.1569 Sheet.1570 Sheet.1571 Sheet.1572 Sheet.1573 AC Power Source Sheet.1575 Alternating Current Sheet.1577 Sheet.1578 Diode.316 Sheet.1580 Sheet.1581 Sheet.1582 Sheet.1583 Sheet.1584 Sheet.1585 Sheet.1586 Sheet.1587 Sheet.1588 Sheet.1589 Sheet.1590 Sheet.1591 Sheet.1592 .733 Sheet.1594 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.1596 Sheet.1597 Sheet.1598 Sheet.1599 Sheet.1600 Sheet.1601 Sheet.1602 Sheet.1603 Sheet.1604 Sheet.1605 Sheet.1606 Sheet.1607 Sheet.1608 Sheet.1609 Connect.50 Sheet.1611 Sheet.1612 Sheet.1613 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.1615 Sheet.1616 Sheet.1617 Sheet.1618 Sheet.1619 Sheet.1620 Sheet.1621 Sheet.1622 Sheet.1623 Sheet.1624 Sheet.1625 Sheet.1626 Sheet.1627 Sheet.1628 Connect.50 Sheet.1630 Sheet.1631 Sheet.1632 Sheet.1633 Sheet.1634 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.1636 Sheet.1637 Sheet.1638 Sheet.1639 Sheet.1640 Sheet.1641 Sheet.1642 Sheet.1643 Sheet.1644 Sheet.1645 Sheet.1646 Sheet.1647 Sheet.1648 Sheet.1649 Connect.50 Sheet.1651 Sheet.1652 Sheet.1653 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.1655 Sheet.1656 Sheet.1657 Sheet.1658 Sheet.1659 Sheet.1660 Sheet.1661 Sheet.1662 Sheet.1663 Sheet.1664 Sheet.1665 Sheet.1666 Sheet.1667 Sheet.1668 Connect.50 Sheet.1670 Sheet.1671 Sheet.1672 Sheet.1673 Sheet.1674 N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.1676 Sheet.1677 Sheet.1678 Sheet.1679 Sheet.1680 Sheet.1681 Sheet.1682 Sheet.1683 Sheet.1684 Sheet.1685 Sheet.1686 Sheet.1687 Sheet.1688 Sheet.1689 Connect.50 Sheet.1691 Sheet.1692 Sheet.1693 N-Channel MOSFET.104 Sheet.1695 Sheet.1696 Sheet.1697 Sheet.1698 Sheet.1699 Sheet.1700 Sheet.1701 Sheet.1702 Sheet.1703 Sheet.1704 Sheet.1705 Sheet.1706 Sheet.1707 Sheet.1708 Connect.50 Sheet.1710 Sheet.1711 Sheet.1712 Sheet.1713 Resistor - Fixed.1714 Capacitor Non-polarized .1716 Sheet.1717 Sheet.1718 Sheet.1719 Sheet.1720 Sheet.1721 Sheet.1722 Sheet.1723 Connector 1.173.1724 Connector 1.173.1725 Aux Aux Aux 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 Sheet.1733 Sheet.1734 15V 15V 15V Sheet.1738 Sheet.1739 Motor Sheet.1741 Sheet.1742 M M Sheet.1743 Sheet.1744 Sheet.1745 IPM IPM IPM Darlington Transistor Darlington Transistor Darlington Transistor Sheet.1762 Relay Relay Relay Sheet.1749 Solenoid Valve Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.714 Sheet.1753 Sheet.1763 Sheet.1766 Sheet.1767 LCD/LED Segment Display Sheet.1769 Sheet.1770 Sheet.1771 Sheet.1772 Sheet.1773 Sheet.1774 Sheet.1775 Sheet.1776 Sheet.1777 Sheet.1778 Sheet.1779 Sheet.1780 Sheet.1781 Sheet.1782 Sheet.1783 Sheet.1784 Sheet.1785 Sheet.1786 Sheet.1787 Sheet.1788 Sheet.1789 Sheet.1790 Sheet.1791 Sheet.1792 Sheet.1793 Sheet.1794 Sheet.1795 Sheet.1796 Sheet.1797 Sheet.1798 ON ON Sheet.1799 OFF OFF Sheet.1800 Sheet.1801 Sheet.1802 Sheet.1803 Sheet.1804 Sheet.1805 Sheet.1806 Sheet.1807 Sheet.1808 12V 12V 12V LED LED LED Sheet.1811 Touch Key Sheet.1813 Sheet.1814 Sheet.1815 Sheet.1816 Sheet.1817 Sheet.1818 Sheet.1819 Sheet.1820 Sheet.1821 Touch Key Touch Key Touch Key Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Gas Sensor Humidity/Temp Humidity & Temp Sensor Humidity & Temp Sensor Sheet.1829 Sheet.1830 Sheet.1831 Sheet.1832 Sheet.1833 Sheet.1834 Sheet.1835 Sheet.1836 Sheet.1837 Sheet.1838 Sheet.1839 Sheet.1840 Sheet.1841 Sheet.1842 Sheet.1843 Connector 1.173.1844 3.3V/0.35Amax 3.3V/ 0.35Amax 3.3V/0.35Amax 3.3V/7mAtyp 3.3V/ 7mAtyp 3.3V/7mAtyp Sheet.1847 Sheet.1848 Sheet.1849 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 AUX AUX AUX Sheet.1857 Sheet.1858 Sheet.1859 Sheet.1860 Sheet.1861 Connector 1.173.1862 Sheet.1863 Sheet.1864 Connector 1.173.1865 IDU IDU IDU Horizon Vertical Louver x3 Horizon Vertical Louver x3 Horizon Vertical Louver x3 Fan.186 Sheet.1869 Sheet.1870 Sheet.1871 Sheet.1872 Sheet.1873 Sheet.1874 Sheet.1875 Sheet.1876 Sheet.1877 Sheet.1878 Heater.188 Sheet.1947 Sheet.1948 Sheet.1949 Sheet.1950 Sheet.1951 Sheet.1952 Sheet.1953 Sheet.1954 Sheet.1955 Sheet.1956 Sheet.1957 Sheet.1958 Sheet.1959 Sheet.1960 Solenoid Valve Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.714 Sheet.1964 Sheet.1965 Sheet.1966 Sheet.1968 Sheet.1969 Sheet.1970 Motor.1971 Sheet.1972 Sheet.1973 M M Sheet.1974 Sheet.1975 Sheet.1976 Sheet.1977 Sheet.1978 Sheet.1979 Expansion Value Expansion Value Expansion Value Compressor Compressor Compressor Reversing Value Reversing Value Reversing Value Fan.1983 Sheet.1984 Sheet.1985 Sheet.1986 Sheet.1987 Sheet.1988 Sheet.1989 Sheet.1990 Sheet.1991 Sheet.1992 Sheet.1993 Heater.1994 Sheet.1995 Sheet.1996 Sheet.1997 Sheet.1998 Sheet.1999 Sheet.2000 Sheet.2001 Sheet.2002 Sheet.2003 Sheet.2004 Sheet.2005 Sheet.2006 Sheet.2007 Sheet.2008 Sheet.2009 24V AC PLC 24V AC PLC 24V AC PLC Sheet.2011 Sheet.2012 12V 12V 12V 5V 5V 5V 5V/25µAtyp 5V/25µAtyp 5V/25µAtyp 5V/0.5Amax 5V/0.5Amax 5V/0.5Amax 12V 12V 12V Expansion Reversing x2 Expansion Reversing x2 Expansion Reversing x2 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp 15V/0.1Atyp 5V/0.1Atyp 5V/0.1Atyp 5V/0.1Atyp 12V/0.5Atyp 12V/0.5Atyp 12V/0.5Atyp Flyback Flyback Flyback LDO LDO LDO Buck Buck Buck Sheet.2023 MCU 1 MCU MCU GPIO GPIO GPIO UART UART UART CTSU CTSU CTSU I2C I2C I2C PWM PWM PWM UART UART UART IPM Driver 1 IPM Driver IPM Driver CN066 1 PLC Module PLC Module CN066 1.2025 PLC Module PLC Module Sheet.2029 MCU 2 MCU MCU GPIO GPIO GPIO PWM PWM PWM GPIO GPIO GPIO UART UART UART 12bit ADC 12bit ADC 12bitADC
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