This all-in-one smart pressure cooker makes cooking super easy. Accessing the latest recipes from the internet and providing step-by-step guidance on the OLED display is not only ultra-convenient but also aligns with the contemporary trends in modern households, offering a vast collection of culinary inspirations combined with an effortless cooking experience. The integrated weight scale ensures precise ingredient measurements, while the built-in pressure sensor guarantees optimal results. Additionally, the AC/DC input control and power stage support both traditional resistive heating and inductive heating elements, catering to diverse cooking needs.

System Benefits​:

  • Recipes displayed on an OLED display, updated via Wi-Fi connection
  • Step-by-step guidance through each cooking process
  • Integrated weight scale for precise ingredient measurements
  • Pressure monitoring via integrated sensor for perfect cooking results
  • Linearization of cheap sensor element by sensor signal conditioner (SSC)
  • Highest efficiency achieved by low loss, robust insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver to control either conventional or inductive heating elements
  • Low BOM count and cost
    • Low-power Wi-Fi + MCU allows low-cost power supply
    • Low-cost temperature measurement using the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) with appropriate accuracy
  • Wi-Fi capability for remote firmware updates/upgrades




  • Smart connected pressure cooking pot
  • Multi-function cooker

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4:3 ratio Sheet.498 Sheet.503 Sheet.678 Sheet.551 Sheet.509 Sheet.510 Sheet.515 Non-Renesas Component Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 EU127 EU127 EU127 Strain Gauge Resistor Resistor.99 Resistor.100 Resistor.101 Sheet.224 Sheet.225 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.228 Sheet.229 Sheet.230 Inductor Iron Core Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.284 Sheet.285 Sheet.286 Sheet.287 Sheet.288 Sheet.289 Sheet.290 Sheet.291 Sheet.292 Line.29 Inductor Coreless (Air conductor) Sheet.308 Sheet.309 Sheet.310 Sheet.311 Sheet.312 Sheet.313 Sheet.314 Sheet.315 Sheet.316 Diode Sheet.318 Sheet.319 Sheet.320 Capacitor Non-polarized Sheet.322 Sheet.323 Sheet.324 Sheet.325 Ground Sheet.335 Sheet.336 Shunt Sheet.338 Sheet.339 Sheet.340 Resistor - Varistor Sheet.342 Sheet.343 Sheet.344 Sheet.345 Sheet.346 Sheet.347 DC/DC DC/DC DC/DC Interior Pressure Sensor Interior Pressure Sensor Interior Pressure Sensor Sensor Signal Conditioner 1 Sensor Signal Conditioner Sensor Signal Conditioner OLED Display OLED Display OLED Display Steam Valve Steam Valve Steam Valve AC Power Source Alternating Current Sheet.393 Ground.394 Sheet.395 Sheet.396 Ground.397 Sheet.398 Sheet.399 Ground.400 Sheet.401 Sheet.402 Ground.403 Sheet.404 Sheet.405 Keypad up to 4x4 Keypad up to 4x4 Keypad up to 4x4 Shunt.407 Sheet.408 Sheet.409 Sheet.410 Shunt.411 Sheet.412 Sheet.413 Sheet.414 Ground.415 Sheet.416 Sheet.417 Ground.418 Sheet.419 Sheet.420 Sheet.437 Sheet.438 Sheet.440 Sheet.442 Antenna.443 Sheet.444 Sheet.445 Sheet.446 Sheet.447 Sheet.448 Cooktop Cooktop Cooktop Overtempt/Overcurrent Fuse Overtempt/Overcurrent Fuse Overtempt/Overcurrent Fuse AC mains 110... 240VAC AC mains 110 … 240VAC AC mains110 … 240VAC Sheet.460 Sheet.462 Sheet.463 Sheet.464 Sheet.469 Sheet.253 Sheet.254 Sheet.255 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Sheet.258 Sheet.259 Sheet.260 Sheet.261 Sheet.262 Sheet.263 Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Sheet.267 Sheet.268 Connector 1.193 Connector 1.193.466 Connector 1.193.467 Connector 1.193.468 Sheet.470 Sheet.471 Sheet.472 Sheet.473 Sheet.474 Power GND Power GND Power GND L L L N N N Sheet.478 Connector 1.193 Sheet.480 Power GND Power GND Power GND Sheet.482 Sheet.483 Sheet.484 Sheet.485 Sheet.486 Sheet.489 Sheet.490 Sheet.492 Sheet.493 Power GND Power GND Power GND Electronic GND Electronic GND Electronic GND Connector 1.193.496 24V 24V 24V Sheet.499 Sheet.500 Connector 1.501 Sheet.502 Sheet.508 Connector 1.511 Connector 1.512 Connector 1.193.513 NTC Temperature Sensor NTC Temperature Sensor NTC Temperature Sensor Sheet.516 Sheet.522 Sheet.523 Connector 1.193.524 Connector 1.193.525 Sheet.526 Sheet.532 Sheet.533 Sheet.535 Sheet.536 Sheet.538 Sheet.539 Connector 1.193.540 Connector 1.193.541 Connector 1.193.542 Connector 1.193.543 Sensor Signal Conditioner 2 Sensor Signal Conditioner Sensor Signal Conditioner 2 2 2 2 Sheet.546 PWR ctrl PWR ctrl PWR ctrl Sheet.548 Sheet.549 Sheet.550 Sheet.552 Sheet.553 Sheet.554 Sheet.555 2 Communication Lines B.795 2 2 2 8 Communication Lines B.795 8 8 8 320mAmax 320mAmax 320mAmax Wi-Fi SoC Wi-Fi SoC Wi-Fi SoC Sheet.565 Sheet.566 Connector 1.193.567 Sheet.568 Sheet.569 Sheet.570 Sheet.571 LCD/LED Segment Display Sheet.580 Sheet.581 Sheet.582 Sheet.583 Sheet.584 Sheet.585 Sheet.586 Sheet.587 Sheet.588 Sheet.589 Sheet.590 Sheet.591 Sheet.592 Sheet.593 Sheet.594 Sheet.595 Sheet.596 Sheet.597 Sheet.598 Sheet.599 Sheet.600 Sheet.601 Sheet.602 Sheet.603 Sheet.604 Sheet.605 Sheet.606 Sheet.607 Sheet.608 Sheet.609 ON ON Sheet.610 OFF OFF Sheet.611 Sheet.612 Sheet.613 Sheet.614 Sheet.615 Sheet.616 Sheet.617 Sheet.618 Sheet.676 Sheet.677 IGBT Driver IGBT Driver IGBT Driver Sheet.681 Sheet.682 Sheet.683 Sheet.684 Sheet.685 Connector 1.193.687 Sheet.689 3 Communication Lines B.795 3 3 3 20mAmax 20m Amax 20mAmax 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V PWM Controller PWM Controller PWM Controller 400V 400V 400V Connector 1.193.699 VDD VDD VDD INP INP INP VSS VSS VSS INN INN INN Weight-Scale Sensor Weight-Scale Sensor Weight-Scale Sensor 25mAmax 25mAmax 25mAmax RISC-V MCU RISC-V MCU RISC-V MCU RISC-V MCU Vdd Vdd Vdd ADC ADC ADC I2C I2C I2C GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO GPIO SCI SCI SCI GPIO GPIO GPIO SPI SPI SPI PWM PWM PWM IGBT IGBT IGBT Sheet.663 Sheet.664 Sheet.665 Sheet.666 Connector.210 Connector.211 Sheet.669 Sheet.670 Sheet.671 Sheet.672 Sheet.673 Sheet.674 Sheet.675 Sheet.679 Ground.453 Sheet.455 Sheet.454
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