This household water pump reference design includes microcontrollers (MCUs), photocouplers, comparators, and gate drivers. Comparators compare and amplify signal data from water-level sensors. Photocouplers and gate drivers prevent high voltages from affecting the system. They receive the signal and provide high efficiency for motor driving control.

System Benefits:

  • This system provides low power consumption and low noise for a water pump
  • Renesas’ photocoupler and gate driver combined with an inverter provide high efficiency
  • This system features solutions that are compact, provide high efficiency and are environment-friendly



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Template 1 LCD (TFT-LCD) Block.120 Block.124 LCD LCD Sheet.479 Sheet.480 Sheet.481 Sheet.482 Connector Arrow.483 JP113 JP113 JP113 MOSFET Driver MOSFET Driver MOSFET Driver Connector Arrow Connector Arrow.465 Connector Arrow.466 Buck Controller Buck Controller Buck Controller LDO LDO LDO Comparator Comparator Comparator Connector Arrow.467 Connector Arrow.468 Connector Arrow.469 Connector Arrow.470 Connector Arrow.471 Water Level Sensor Water Level Sensor Water Level Sensor Connector 1.160 Connector Arrow.474 Connector 1.160.475 Connector Arrow.485 Connector 1.160.486 12V 12V 12V 48V 48V 48V 5V 5V 5V Connector Arrow.501 Motor Sheet.503 Sheet.504 M M Connector Arrow.505 MOSFET x6 MOSFET x6 MOSFET x6 MCU EP Multi-function block MCU MCU PWM PWM PWM GPIO GPIO GPIO I2C I2C I2C
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