This smart bicycle tail light and alarm system enables the user to select different blinking patterns for different riding situations such as stops, braking and emergency situations. Users can also trigger a horn as an alarm system and theft deterrent. A Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) system-on-chip (SoC) is used as a central control unit, reading data from a connected accelerometer and controlling the connected LEDs and horn. To maximize the horn's sound-pressure, it is driven by an H-bridge equipped, I2C controlled high-voltage GreenPAK™ (HVPAK™) programmable mixed-signal matrix, supplied from the reverse boost voltage of the charger PMIC. Additionally, different LED configurations can be selected, taking advantage of the Bluetooth LE SoC's integrated ADC and the PMIC's adjustable boost output voltage in combination with the HVPAK's second H-bridge to control e.g., two different LED colors without any additional discrete switches.

System Benefits​:

  • Ultra-compact design comprised of a Bluetooth LE SoC, switching charger with reverse boost and I2C controlled 2x H-bridge power control and driver device
  • Situation aware LED light control (brightness, color, blink pattern)
  • Improved horn sound pressure through full-bridge driver
  • Automatic alarm/theft deterrent function using a Bluetooth LE received signal strength indicator (RSSI)



  • Ebikes, bicycles, scooters
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Winning Combinations

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