This solution is showing a motor control reference design for power tools. The power source (battery or main power supply) is not part of this proposal and is represented here as a simple battery pack.

For this reference design, Renesas choose a high voltage solution (48V), which features the high-performance Arm®-M4 based RA6M3 MCU. It has specific PWM timers for 3-phase motor control and a floating point unit (FPU) to enhance algorithm performance.

This block diagram shows a setup that includes an embedded power supply for the MCU (3.3V) and MOSFET half-bridge drivers (12V).

System Benefits:

  • These discrete solutions have an embedded LDO for the MCU power supply and are powered by the high motor voltage rail
  • Although 3 parts are needed, overall board space is optimized because of the embedded LDO
  • motor_control_power_tools

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