Water meters, like most systems, are seeing advancements in measurement and precision. One key driver for this change is the metrology methodology transitioning from mechanical-based to electronic sensors, such as hall-sensors or ultra-sound. Another introduction is automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, integrating in LoRa, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), NB-IoT, and other communication standards.

Renesas has developed a solution based on a tunnel magneto resistance (TMR) sensor, which enables lower power consumption and extends battery life to 5-7 years (as required in the market).

System Benefits:

  • Ultra-low power consumption, as a result of TMR and RL78/H1D’s ability to directly drive sensors without CPU wakeup
  • Electronic design, eliminating mechanical metering and improving reliability 
  • Ability to integrate additional control functionality and monitoring 


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