Smart toilets continue to be a rapidly emerging market, with market share increasing worldwide. This system design demonstrates a high-end product with the following key features: seat/water/dry cooling and heating system, and a sterilization function, with all controls accessible via a remote.

The RX113 is a 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) single-chip solution for bidirectional human machine interface (HMI) and various peripheral devices. The RL78/G12 is ideal for sub-microcontrollers like remote controllers with compact, low power and high function general purpose. This design also features DC/DC and LDO power for the MCU, motor and other peripheral modules. The triac is used for the heating function. Lastly, the humidity and temperature sensor provides leading accuracy and excellent stability, and the photocoupler provides high performance in an ultra-small package. 

System Benefits

  • Single-chip MCU, reduced BOM cost and PCB size
  • Low-end MCU for remote design, widely used in various home appliances
  • High performance DC/DC, LDO, photocoupler, and temperature/humidity sensor for an integrated solution 

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