This is a multi-cell (2S to 4S) USB Type-C, Power Delivery (PD) power bank solution that supports 60W+ with full USB-PD programmable power supply (PPS) support for upstream and downstream facing ports (UFP/DFP). An additional USB Type-A port supports legacy devices and includes Qualcomm Quick Charge 2 and 3 fast charging.

In this solution, the integrated 2 to 4-cell battery management system (BMS) offers precise fuel-gauging. And, Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) connectivity is used to monitor the power bank’s State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH) and USB-PD policy OS platform independently.

System Benefits​:

  • Flexible, scalable solution for various power levels
  • Highly integrated building blocks, small BOM



  • Power banks
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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