The RH850/U2x Zone-ECU Virtualization Platform is a development platform that provides a pre-integrated solution, including relevant software (SW) products and tools. This platform enables automotive customers to take a ready-to-go approach for individual Zone-ECU projects.

System Benefits​:

  • Significantly reduced development effort based on a pre-built solution, resulting in less cost and reduced development risk.
  • Combines the MCU hardware (HW) key features for Zone, such as hypervisor-support, safety, security, QoS, and more with the outstanding SW product portfolio and SW competence of ETAS, based on a collaboration between ETAS and Renesas.
  • Provides a SW-first solution to enable the integration of multiple applications into a single ECU, that are safely and securely separated from each other to ensure the highest degree of freedom from interference.
  • Provides a "ready-to-run" configuration showcasing different Virtual Machine (VM) configurations (single core, multi-core and multi-VM per core) by a PC-hosted application.


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RH850/U2x Virtualization Development Platform

To practically reduce the overall number of ECUs in a car, their functions must become integrated as multiple virtual ECUs on a shared physical ECU. A solution to this challenge is the introduction of a hypervisor-related SW system – developed in cooperation between ETAS and Renesas.

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