RX Family Renesas FreeRTOS V.1.03 released. The support for GCC compiler started.

FreeRTOSTM software platform for RX MCUs: helping to reduce system development times

Renesas FreeRTOS makes it easy to create applications using FreeRTOSTM with Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) and Smart Configurator.


  • You can use the open-source FreeRTOSTM real-time OS in developing multi-tasking applications.
  • Take advantage of the hardware by combining the middleware and device drivers we provide with the real-time OS.
  • This package allows you to start using the peripheral functions of RX MCUs at once, and can shorten times taken in considering prototypes.
  • Applications which utilize FIT can be used for all RX-series products, and can reduce the cost of developing software as you expand your product development.
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Release Information

Release Information

Released: Apr.20.2020
Download: RX Family Renesas FreeRTOS - Sample Code (r01an4307xx0104) (ZIP)

Target Devices

Design & Development

Sample Code

Sample Code

Title Type Date
ZIP53.99 MB
Related Files:
Application: Consumer Electronics
Function: OS
IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
ZIP2.58 MB
Compiler: CC-RX, GNURX
IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code

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  • FreeRTOSTM

Operating Environment

IDE or later

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