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This application project is implemented on the Synergy SK-S7G2, TB-S5D5, DK-S3A7, and TB-S3A6 boards with the ESPWROOM-32 PMOD module, and it contains a single thread to handle a command line interface (CLI) and the Wi-Fi application. According to the commands being received from the PC, the application project uses a Wi-Fi on-chip stack API and BSD Socket API to establish a network connection, multiple socket connections (Client/Server) and a simple HTTP web page. Note: In this application project, using the NetX™ networking stack is not supported, and the ESP-WROOM-32 device driver only supports the communication with the ESP-WROOM-32 PMOD module through the SCI UART.

ESP-WROOM-32 PMOD module

Release Information

Release Information

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Digilent: https://store.digilentinc.com/pmod-esp32/

Digi-Key: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=esp32%20pmod

Espressif chip set: www.espressif.com

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ESP-32 WiFi Drivers and PMOD


Current Public Release

Release Date:2018-02-13

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S5D5, S3A6

MD5: 6c2256f1ed1a032eabc6df96f0bd44a4

Installation Instructions

The application project associated with this guide demonstrates the typical steps, which are described in Chapter 2. You may import the example project regarding to which Synergy Kit you have, and view the configuration settings for the ESP-WROOM-32 Device and SSP components. You can also read the code in the wifi_thread_entry.c file, used to illustrate the Wi-Fi on-chip stack APIs and BSD Socket APIs in a complete design.